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Trailblazing Innovative Infographics for CVS Health

“The impact helped support the development of more successful smoking cessation programs.”

Team: team in collaboration with the Marketing and Brand team at CVS Health


My Role:

Infographic designer


Primarily health care stakeholders – payors and providers

After changing their name to CVS Health and discontinuing the sale of tobacco products, they needed a fresh approach to marketing their new streamlined image.


To achieve this, we were tasked with designing and producing a range of creative content, primarily infographics, to communicate key messages within their marketing strategy effectively.

Collaborating closely with the creative director and acting as a liaison with the client, we developed 13 highly successful infographics that helped to promote greater awareness of CVS Health as a health-focused company. However, getting to the final product was no easy feat. We were presented with a wealth of data and had to go through multiple iterations to ensure that we displayed the information most effectively. This process required a high level of attention to detail as we worked to create templates that could be used going forward.

  • From concept to completion, let us capture your vision with creative s...

    30 min

The outcome of our efforts was impressive. The media praised CVS Health's successful rebrand, with our infographics being the highest-performing assets online and heavily promoted annually for three years. Overall, our collaboration helped reinforce CVS Health's positioning as a company committed to promoting health and well-being.

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