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Diverse Designs for Oracle

The natural handmade textures are inspired from data to add interest and delight without getting in the way of functionality.

One of the biggest changes in the rebrand was the new Oracle Sans font, it was more functionally expressive being unique to Oracle. The second notable change was the shift to a warmer red and the quantity it was used. They no longer wanted to shout about it and smaller colours were more meaningful, brown being the differentiating neutral. With the overarching theme being ‘humanity in every interaction’. team

Nikki Davis: Graphic Designer

Project manager

Creative director


Client-side: Marketing Team at Oracle


Illustrative concepts


Editorial-style design

Advanced PowerPoint

Asset management


IT, procurement and C-level decision-makers, software users, influencers. 


Bootstrap the new look into existing templates and guides, create new layouts on the go and purposefully use the new hand-crafted artwork with appropriate messaging. 

“What we're looking for is something very simple and visually arresting. Yet still meets Oracle's brand standards and conveys the appropriate tone.”

Lift-and-shift 11 highest performing assets and create 4 new campaigns inspired on new insights. Create marketing material such as presentations, digital ads and internal comms to promote and launch new products and features.

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