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Bi-seasonal report for Lloyds Bank

The impact helped raise their digital profile to be seen as a business bank that understand and share society's risk.

Adaugeo Media team

Nikki Davis: Infographic Designer and Art Director

Finance Copywriter

Creative Producer

Client-side: Financial Journalist at Lloyds Bank

Creative Director at Lloyds Bank


Illustrative concepts


Data graphics

Editorial design

Infographic style


B2B Finance executives and directors


Translate internal insights to help create long-form digital assets while trying to future-proof the longevity of the new design into the overarching brand.


Create 3 infographic-style reports focussing on the pressures of British businesses. Extend branding to incorporate infographic-style editorial for this cornerstone content.


I created a versatile editorial style design to be used in print and online purposefully hand-crafting unique evergreen assets including various layouts within templates, custom chart illustrations and iconography according to key messaging along with data viz graphs based on years of statistical data collected.

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