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Lloyds Bank's Working Capital Index: Insights into UK Business Financial Health

“The campaign’s impact helped raise their digital profile to be seen as a business bank that understands and shares society’s risk.” —Mike Hewitt, Adaugeo Media


Adaugeo team in collaboration with the Financial Journalist and Creative Director at Lloyds Bank


My Role:

Art director and graphic designer


B2B finance executives, investors and directors

Lloyds Bank intended to build trust and engage the B2B sector by sharing high-value internal data. To achieve this goal, they set to produce The Working Capital Index report, a publication expected to answer the biggest market performance questions. We collaborated with Adaugeo Media and provided design and data illustration support.


The Working Capital Index went on becoming a reliable barometer of the health of the UK’s business sector and is highly regarded among Lloyds’s target audience.

Working capital performance was calculated using a survey of over 700 companies that measured a variety of metrics, including inventory turnover and debtor and creditor days.


Alongside the editor-in-chief, we generated a 35-page report featuring regional and national insights into the UK’s working capital.

The main hurdle was transforming Lloyds’ internal insights into long-form digital assets aligned with the brand’s overarching design.


Lloyds’s director team provided insights that helped us sift through raw data and develop a narrative with accuracy and integrity as guidance.

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    30 min

The publication also provided analysis and commentary on the key trends and challenges UK businesses face when managing their working capital, namely late payments, supply chain disruptions, and the impact of economic uncertainty.

The report estimated the efficiency of working capital management among UK businesses and provided insights into cash flow, liquidity, and financial health across different sectors (manufacturing, construction, retail, and services), all valuable information for entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers.

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