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Cloud Comic Campaign


After completing and being involved with over 30 Oracle campaigns, their social media team invited me to create a series of branded comic book digital assets to associate Oracle Utilities with lighter, more fun content.


All previous infographics and ebooks were based on stats and data insights, but this one was to be the first truly creative piece without any study or academics behind it. Something that would be more emotional than educational.

Team: team in collaboration with the Social Media Director at Oracle Utilities


My Role:

Specialist illustrative designer


C-suite decision-makers, software users and utility engineers typically aged around 40-60s

The comic book helped inspire a hand-crafted theme in Oracle's Redwood rebrand.
  • From concept to completion, let us capture your vision with creative s...

    30 min


Together with the client, we discussed the importance of creating a unique and memorable character that would resonate with the audience while also referencing popular comics like Batman and The Flash.

With a clear direction in mind, I began sketching out different ideas and refining them until the final concept of a superhero was born. I then showcased the character in different poses and settings, which allowed the client to choose their preferred style.

Halfway through the project, we had a bit of conflict with the brand alignment however, the client was steadfast and so was I. We needed those emotional human touches which their current brand couldn’t provide, it was too rigid and limiting for this piece. We ploughed through and it was published.

The comics were launched on their website as gated content and featured heavily on social media with its hashtag #thecloudreigns and they would then follow with two subsequent editions based on success metrics.


By the time the third comic book came around the Oracle Redwood rebrand was well underway and once again we were challenged, this time with integrating the new look within the new version of the comic without compromising the integrity of the first two.

It went viral and was featured as their Twitter cover for six months. It was heavily promoted yearly for three years and became the highest-performing creative digital asset across Oracle Utilities’ social media.

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