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Cloud Comic Campaign

The impact helped inspire natural textures and patterned styles with a hand-crafted theme in Oracle's Redwood rebrand.

The highest-performing creative asset across Oracle Utilities’ social media and heavily promoted yearly for three editions. 


The first truly creative piece without any study or academics behind it.


The aim was to elbow-out brand awareness, delight audiences and break free of the traditional brand style. Something more emotional than educational and would appeal to the audience.


Envision this as an origin story with the superhero being the cloud, unleashing the internal power while referencing comics such as Batman and The Flash to help with audience building. The style was simple shapes, outlines and bright colours with a dramatic, energetic yet playful tone that make up that classic comic book look. team

Nikki Davis: Specialist Illustration Designer

Project Manager

Creative Director


Client-side: Social Media Director at Oracle Utilities



Comic book layout


Typical utility engineer aged around 40-60s.

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