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The Making of a Thought Leader: Creating a Flagship eBook for LinkedIn

Team: team in collaboration with the Global Strategy Lead and Global Brand Lead at LinkedIn


My Role:

Infographic designer


Agency media planners/buyers and client-side brand marketers

To bolster the company’s image as a thought leader (particularly among their B2B audience), LinkedIn asked us to help design and produce their first eBook ever. The goal was to create a fun and educational resource piece that supported the delivery of key messaging in presentations, webinars, and meetings with clients.


Alongside LinkedIn, we produced a 30-page eBook featuring handcrafted illustrations and charts unique to the campaign’s messaging.

“LinkedIn is the expert in B2B marketing – we know where the industry is going and can help you succeed as a B2B marketer.” —Jon Lombardo, Head of Research, LinkedIn
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    30 min

The LinkedIn team was involved every step of the way, ensuring the design and illustrations were aligned with the campaign’s messaging and reflected the brand’s fun and vibrant guidelines.

We used simple, 2D geometric shapes for the background theme and clean, consistent typography for the content. We also relied on a bold colour palette against a spacious, dynamic layout inspired by minimalist movie posters.

To promote the eBook launch, we created several derived assets designed to be launched and promoted on the LinkedIn platform. Based on increased social engagement and the number of downloads, the eBook was deemed a big success and helped LinkedIn establish itself as a visionary brand in the B2B space.

The result of this collaboration was a visually engaging and informative piece that succeeded at delivering LinkedIn’s key messages to their B2B audience, attracting new clients, and positioning the brand as a thought leader.

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