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Marketing trends eBook for LinkedIn

What should the audience remember? “LinkedIn is the expert in B2B marketing – we know where the industry is going and can help you succeed as a B2B marketer.”

I created Linkedin's first and flagship eBook with custom designed illustrations and charts, unique to the campaign's messaging with the help of their fun and vibrant brand guidelines.


I also created 3-month's worth of derived social assets to launch and promote directly on the platform.


Create a fun, yet educational resource piece to market from high-value, well-received content from presentations, webinars and client meetings.


Design simple, 2D geometric shapes that compose theme background images, no stock photography. Clean, consistent typography with a bold colour palette against a spacious and dynamic layout referencing minimalist movie posters. team

Nikki Davis: Graphic Designer

Project Manager

Creative Director


Client-side: Global Strategy Lead at LinkedIn

Global Brand Lead at LinkedIn


Illustrative concepts


Chart graphics

eBook layout


Agency media planners/buyers and client-side brand marketers.

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