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Establishing Thought Leadership: Creating a Flagship eBook for LinkedIn


LinkedIn needed help to design and produce their first-ever eBook to establish themselves as thought leaders among their B2B audience. The objective was to create a fun and educational resource piece that effectively delivers key messaging from their high-value content in presentations, webinars and client meetings.


Working within a team, we collaborated to design and produce a 30-page eBook that featured handcrafted illustrations and charts unique to the campaign's messaging.

Team: team in collaboration with the Global Strategy Lead and Global Brand Lead at LinkedIn


My Role:

Infographic designer


Agency media planners/buyers and client-side brand marketers

“LinkedIn is the expert in B2B marketing – we know where the industry is going and can help you succeed as a B2B marketer.”
  • From concept to completion, let us capture your vision with creative s...

    30 min


We started the design process by creating simple, 2D geometric shapes to compose the theme background images. We focused on clean, consistent typography and used a bold colour palette against a spacious, dynamic layout inspired by minimalist movie posters.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with the LinkedIn team to ensure that the design and illustrations were aligned with the campaign's messaging and reflected the brand's fun and vibrant guidelines.


To promote the eBook launch, we created several derived assets specifically designed to be launched and promoted directly on the LinkedIn platform. The result was a visually engaging and informative piece that effectively delivered LinkedIn's key messages to their B2B audience, positioning them as thought leaders in their industry.

As a result of this project, LinkedIn was able to establish a strong presence among their B2B audience and attract new clients. The eBook was also well-received by their audience, leading to increased engagement, shares, and downloads on the platform. Overall, the project was a huge success and helped establish LinkedIn's position in the B2B space.

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