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The Precise Presentation for PowerPoint Perfectionists

During my career I designed for many mediums and PowerPoint is still as powerful as ever. That said, there is a silent font war going on which not many people will dare to mention. In my experience of using the programme, every time there is a major update, every non-Microsoft font will turn into a nuanced nightmare.

I won't claim that this is a deliberate attempt to rule the world through ligature influencing, however what I will claim is, it's always a good time to consider adopting the Arial font as a secondary choice for brands that have a large need for custom PowerPoint creation and production. It will solve so many typography and font issues, saving loads of wasted time.

I'm currently creating a ton of #editabledesignfiles and I've designed this presentation, completely in PowerPoint to showcase some of the delights that #Arial has to offer.

Click here to download my FREE and editable PowerPoint presentation template, handcrafted using Arial.

I became a certified expert #PowerPoint #presentation designer back in the 90's and I've kept my certificate safe for posterity, still proud as ever to show it off to anyone who wants to see it.

Get in touch with me if you're interested in having a chat about how I can solve your creative dilemmas.


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