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Your Ultimate Cheatsheet for Crafting Irresistible Socials, Ads, and Visuals

Figma offers clients a collaborative design platform with real-time editing, cloud-based accessibility, and cross-platform compatibility. Its version control, interactive prototyping, and commenting features streamline feedback processes, allowing clients to actively participate in design iterations. The ability to create design components and libraries ensures consistency, while seamless handoff to developers accelerates the transition from design to implementation. Figma's security measures, permissions control, and third-party integrations enhance the overall efficiency and security of the design process, making it a preferred tool for effective collaboration between clients and design teams.

Below are a few of my own starter templates I've created to help make it easier for anyone looking to create their assets in Figma.

Social posts

Mobile screens

One-page visual

Landing page

Ad set for Google display network

All of these templates have been created in Figma. The Ultimate Marketing Cheatsheet and an icon pack are free to download on my profile.

Alternatively, feel free to contact me to talk more about a Figma solution.


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