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How Animated SVGs Increased Customer Engagement at Citizens Bank

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Oracle announced its rebranding exercise from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Oracle Redwood in September 2019. The move aimed to emphasise the company's cloud services and was named after the famous Redwood trees in California.


Our mission was to convert the 11 highest-performing digital assets into the new brand and create four campaigns inspired by new insights. It involved designing new marketing material such as presentations, digital ads and internal comms to promote and launch new products and features with the overarching theme being ‘humanity in every interaction’.


Hand-picked by the Oracle Marketing team in collaboration with the team


My Role:

Graphic designer and creative director


IT, procurement and C-level decision-makers, software users and affiliates


After being involved with over 30 Oracle projects, it was a pleasure to be part of the team in the brand lift and shift. One of the most significant changes was adopting the new Oracle Sans font paired with Georgia for the titles. To ensure that the designs aligned with the new brand guidelines, together with the copywriter and animator, we meticulously reviewed each element and adjusted them to fit the new aesthetic.

We created new layouts and purposefully used the new hand-crafted artwork with appropriate messaging. We also had to ensure the new designs were consistent across all platforms, including presentations, digital ads and internal communications. This required high attention to detail and strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with the teams.


The rebranding exercise was part of Oracle's efforts to position itself as a modern and innovative cloud services provider. The company aimed to make its cloud platform more user-friendly, faster and easier to navigate, focusing on delivering exceptional customer experiences. The new brand also included a redesigned user interface and enhanced features, such as a digital assistant, which allows users to interact with the platform using voice commands.

The rebranding exercise also shifted Oracle's approach to cloud services. The company moved away from its traditional database software and hardware products and focused on providing cloud services to its customers. Oracle Redwood also marked a significant investment in the company's cloud infrastructure, including deploying new data centres worldwide.

Explainer infographic needed for SMEs at a product launch campaign, created and published in June 2019. One year later, it became the highest-performing digital asset and they needed it rebranded.

Cybercrime infographic and eBook derivative created to complement cornerstone values. Used online, in mailers and as a leave-behind, published and translated in December 2017. Three years later, it became the highest-performing digital asset and we rebranded it.

Overall, the Oracle Redwood rebranding represented a strategic move for the company to reposition itself as a modern and innovative cloud services provider and to compete more effectively against other major players in the cloud computing industry.

A comprehensive sales piece in a 5-page ebook format, created and produced in May 2019. Used online, in mailers and as a leave-behind.


One year later it became the highest-performing digital asset and they needed it rebranded.

After rebrand
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