I thrive on creativity

Design is everything, EVERYTHING! Paul Rand

I decided to become a graphic designer when I was 14 years old and a school visit took me to a local buzzing creative agency, I was inspired and the experience had a massive impact on me.

Since then I’ve strived to make the visual world a better place, using design and creative skills to deliver complex information and memorable eye-catching graphics. I am inspired by bold, cutting-edge designs and when I’m not in front of my beloved iMac enjoying a cup of coffee, I’m usually swimming, reading or chilling out with friends!


I’m available to hire as a freelancer exclusively through Visual.ly, an online marketplace for top visual content.

Pointed Pixel Ltd

I co-founded Pointed Pixel in 2013, we’re a small team supporting publishers and agencies with infographic design skills.


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Special Qualities

  • 10 years agency experience
  • Quality, well-considered designs
  • Stringent work process
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients


Data visualisation - 90%

90% Complete

Design troubleshooting - 80%

80% Complete

Ideas and concepts - 85%

85% Complete

Illustration - 70%

70% Complete

Epic Studios, Norwich




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